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Accessories | M.I.K. Corporation

Supply other equipments for more convenient operations!!

Smoothy Neo

For protecting rice to Sushi robot and Vinegar mixer(300ml)

RiceBox(Blue Box)

For keeping warm cooked rice(For 15Kg and 10KG)

Net Stand

Net stand for rice cooker(For 7.5kg and 4.5kg)

Net For Rice Cooker

For not rice stick to inner kettle and easy to move rice(For 9ℓ(1000x1000mm)

Hot Chan MI-40

For keeping rice warmer(AC100V electric type)

Commercial Rice Cooker

IH type commercial rice cooker(For 4.5KG use)

Commercial Rice Cooker

IH type commercial rice cooker(For 3.0KG use)

Commercial Rice Cooker Inner Pot For Spare

Innner pot for rice cooker